Plans to Use Ken Davis Auto Repair in the Future

The business provides great service. They were kind and understanding regarding my circumstances. I plan to use them for all my repair needs in the future. 5 stars from China C., Ocala, Fl.

First Time Visitor rates with 5 Stars

It was my first time to bring my vehicle to this shop but I thought everything was great.  5 Stars from Robert C., Silver Springs, Fl  -

Helpful, Knowledgeable &Trustworthy Shop!

Ken Davis Auto Repair is helpful, knowledgeable and trustworthy.  They did not prssure us into anything.  Five Stars from Brittani Y., Ocala Fl - 

All Around Good Service

This business provided good all around service on my vehicle. Ken did a very good job and everything works properly now.  Five Stars and a Big Thanks from  Larry M., Florida -


Excellent Work on My Honda

They did excellent work on my Honda Element when I took it to Ken Davis Auto Repair.   5 star review from Demi V., Ocala Fl - 

Nice and Kind and do a Great Job!

They did a great job on my vehicle. They were nice, kind, and the work was done on time.  Five Stars from Gina B., Iverness, Fl 

Very Good At What They Do

I like the service at this business. They are very good at what they do.  I recommend Ken Davis Auto Repair.  Five Stars from Randall T., Ocala, Fl - SureCritic .com

Thank You Ken Davis Auto Repair!

Thank You Ken Davis Auto Repair!  Your employees always fix my vehicle when I need it and the service is provided properly.  5 Stars from Brittany S., Ocala, Fl -SureCritic .com

They did Everything I ask!

The employees at this business did everything I asked them to do and got it done right. Thanks Ken Davis Auto Repair!  Five Stars from Jerry G., Fort McCoy, Fl -SureCritic .com